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How to Make Reading Fun

Yes, reading can be fun!

Yes, reading can be fun!

At Kids Campus Learning Center, our goal is to provide quality early education in Las Vegas. We have great programs for Las Vegas kindergarten, preschool, and daycare. However, it is important for the learning to continue at home. Does your child hate reading? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make reading fun. You’ve read tons of articles about the benefits of teaching your child to read, but it’s fruitless if your child dislikes reading. The increasing pressure on kids to read more can suck all the fun out of learning. Never fear! Try these easy and creative ways to make reading fun!

1. Consider audio books

Audio books are an easy way to introduce reading to children, and it does count as reading. It may sound counterproductive, but this can encourage your child to read more! Many kids think reading is boring without ever knowing the amazing stories hiding in books. The first step to make reading fun is to get children more exposed to books.
Books have the power to sweep readers away to far off lands, make people laugh or cry, and transform readers into different characters. Play an audio book with a story your child would be interested in. They’ll be swept up in the story without realizing it! Bonus: listening to proficient readers can help your child read better on their own.

2. Create a reading space

It can be hard to enjoy reading if there are too many distractions. If you want to teach your child to love reading, set up a special space for them to read in. Make the space quiet, comfortable, and filled with lots of books. The goal is for your child to like reading in this space. You can make it extra-special by getting your child involved in the decorating. Let them decide how they want their space to look. This will connect them to the space even more, and they’ll want to spend time in their special reading spot.

3. Set a good example

Kids model the behavior they see around them. Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate. When parents exhibit a passion and love for reading, children are more likely to do the same! It is also important to spend time reading together. This is very effective to make reading fun. Reading aloud has both educational and social benefits for children. Not only are they becoming better readers, but reading with a parent makes the time spent reading that much more meaningful. It also gives your child time to rest and listen to you reading if they get tired.

4. Bring books to life

Do more than just read! The biggest obstacle in getting kids to read more is a lack of interest. So how exactly do you build that interest? Find book-inspired activities to do that bring books into real life. If your child is reading a book about eating, make it a point to recreate foods from the book.
Cooking not your thing? Not a problem. Give your child an assortment of clay and let their imagination run free! Encourage them to use clay to recreate things they read about. Not only will this get your child interested in reading, but this will give them some hands-on learning time. Double parent win!

5. Be encouraging

Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Encourage your child to read everywhere you go as much as possible. Every little bit of time spent reading helps to make reading fun. If you’re eating out at a restaurant, turn ordering into a game. You can pretend to be a server while your child orders their own food. Not only will they have to read from the menu, but they get to practice ordering food on their own.
Praise them when they do well, and gently help them along if they have trouble. Never make a child feel bad if they’re having trouble reading. The goal is to teach them to enjoy reading, not fear it. With lots of creativity and motivation, it’s easy to get kids to love reading! In addition, reinforcement at home helps us better do our job at our kindergarten in Las Vegas!