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What to do to get Good Preschool Nutrition Habits

Pre-schoolers can be quite fun and interesting to be around. However, the subject of food can be quite volatile, especially if not handled well. Children can be fussy eaters but it is still possible to ensure that meal times go well and that your child gets the required nutrition. Keeping a few things in mind […]

Here Are All The Things Las Vegas Kindergarten Teachers Would Like Parents To Know

When discussing the things Las Vegas kindergarten teachers would like parents to know, conversations can get a little tricky. Parents think they know what is best for their offspring, while teachers have the educational background to give credence to their own opinions. In short, everybody thinks they are right. By looking at things from the […]

Tips To Learn How Can I Help My Child Succeed In School

All parents only want the best for their kids and wish for them to succeed academically. A large number of guardians are unaware of the simple steps that can be taken to ensure that children are provided the support and opportunities to help them excel in their education. Learning how can I help my child […]

The abcs of good moms

Las Vegas Kindergarten Moms don’t have it easy, here are a few tips to help you:  Raising children is generally realized as being one of the most complicated and involved processes for any parent to be involved in. The continual pressures and stresses that are faced in daily live beyond child raising detract from being […]

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Reading With Your Pre-School And Kindergarten Child

Las Vegas Kindergarten tips brought to you by your kids campus Reading with your pre-school and kinderden child offers numerous benefits including academic, emotional, and psychological. All it takes is 20 minutes a day to enhance and develop essential linguistics skills and capabilities. The following takes a closer look at the reasons to engage in […]


A recent study found that focusing on the words as well as the pictures while reading aloud to pre-K students had a big payoff: By the time they were in first grade, kids were better spellers, and they read and understood more words. A few ideas: 1. Highlight specific words and explain: “The words right […]

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Helping your Children Succeed

Reading & telling stories for 10 to 30 minutes a day. Helping your child learn his/her name, address & telephone number. Having meaningful communication with your child. Helping your child establish good school attendance and study skills. Taking your child to the library, museums, parks, etc. Encouraging your child to observe nature & describe observations, […]

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Pre-K Las Vegas Creative Child Development

When parents are planning an education for their child or children They typically consider the fundamentals of learning. Learning how to read, write, and understand mathematics is something that every schoolchild does. However, one aspect of childhood that adults often forget is creativity. Being creative is a crucial aspect of childhood development and education. Children […]

Supporting Very Young preschool and kindergarten writers

Preparing young ones for academics requires an engaging and fun strategy to ensure that they are provided age appropriate stimulation in the development of language and literacy. Supporting very young preschool and kindergarten writers in Las Vegas requires a closer look at professional educational tips. The earliest possible intervention can help all learners with language […]