The Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed for children 4 to 5 years of age. This is a critical time of academic, physical, social and emotional preparation.The importance of a quality preschool education cannot be overstated. Research has supported the importance of early childhood education in the future achievement of students.

Our academic curriculum is Saxon Early Learning, by Saxon Harcourt Educational Publishing. This curriculum, which complies with the Common Core State Standards, incorporates key curricular areas essential for children to be successful learners, including, language development, literacy, phonemic awareness, letter formation and recognition, science, social studies and creative arts.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program also emphasizes the following cognitive skills, which are necessary for school readiness.

  • A strong knowledge base to support comprehension, inference and predictions
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self management, discipline and attention skills
  • Productive language skills

As the year progresses, an enhanced phonics program is incorporated into our daily curriculum to advance the children’s reading skills. Homework packets are distributed weekly. Each child receives a year subscription to the Scholastic Weekly Reader, and is encouraged to read this fun magazine with a parent. Reading together is one of the best ways to build early literacy skills.

For information about the Kids Campus Pre-Kindergarten Standards and Course of study:

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To see the Kids Campus Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule:

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kids that go through Pre-k las vegas at Kids campus just come out better prepared for life