The Toddler Program is designed for children 12 months through 36 months of age. This toddler years are a time of excitement for you and your child. This is a time that a child makes huge strides physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Whether it’s learning new sign language, counting to 20, making new friends, or mastering potty training, lots of developmental milestones will be reached during the toddler years. This is a very exciting time, and kids campus is here, as your partner, to help your child reach these critical milestones!

Each day is filled with educational activities that promote the cognitive, emotional and physical development of each child and establish the building blocks to later success in school. Each day includes lessons in language and math, and  activities that develop fine motor, critical thinking, reasoning and social skills.

The children build early literacy skills as they listen to fun stories and engage in language activities including Spanish, Sign Language and Leap Frog!  They develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and awareness of concepts such as size, shape, color and number, as they work with blocks, Legos,  lacing toys, and other appropriate manipulatives. These experiences are the building blocks to reading, writing and math. Throughout each activity, the children are learning very important social and communication skills as they share toys, take turns, and observe one another in many different situations.

For information about the Toddler Program Daily Schedule

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