We believe that every child is unique. Our educational program has been designed to meet the student’s individual needs and build self-confidence through academically rich activities, exploration, and mental challenges. Our goal is to promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical development in a positive and nurturing environment.

Our mission is to establish a solid educational foundation upon which ongoing growth and development will continue,allowing every child to achieve their full potential.

Our philosophy and mission statements aren’t just words, they are a reflection of the value we place on each child in our care.  They guide our program development and impact how we implement our proven curriculum.  We have a sincere commitment to each child, and a belief in our ability to prepare them for future educational experiences and life! We incorporate our philosophy and accomplish our mission through the following methods: 

  • Low student to teacher ratios – our ratios exceed state standards and allow more one-on-one time for each child
  • Student progress reports – an effective tool to track each child’s progress and develop and maintain an appropriate educational program
  • Stimulating classroom environments – lots of books, educational games and materials, and bright, colorful classrooms, create a positive learning environment
  • Superior curriculum – a proven curriculum + dedicated teachers =  a recipe for success!
  • Accessibility to staff and Administration – Your opinion matters! The Kids Campus staff is always available and happy to meet with you.

Come visit us and experience the amazing things that happen each day at Kids Campus Learning Center.

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